Friday, January 9, 2009


1 cup caned chopped mushrooms 66 cal 0g fat 10g carbs 8g prot.
4 scrambled eggs. 280 cal 18g fat 4g carbs 24g prot.
Breakfast total 346 cal 18g fat 14g carbs 34g prot.

big surprise of the day... mushrooms have a lot of protein!

food for 1/08/09

I was so busy and tired yesterday that I never got around to posting my food.

Grand total for 1/8/09---1219.3 cal 33.4g fat 162.3g carb 117.5g prot.

7.7oz chicken stir fry 189.4 cal 2.6g fat 30g carb 12.3g prot.
1 cup fiber one cereal 120.0 cal 2.0g fat 50g carb 4.0g prot.
1 cup soy lite milk 80.0 cal 2.0g fat 10g carb 6.0g prot.
Breakfast total 389.4 cal 6.6g fat 90g carb 22.3g prot.

2 Protein Shakes---------210.0 cal 3.5g fat 4.0g carb 52.0g prot.

1 Protein Shake----------105.0 cal 1.8g fat 2.0g carb 26.0g prot.
5.2oz of apple 87.3 cal 0.0g fat 22.0g carb 0.0g prot
1 chicken breast 294.3 cal 19.5g fat 16.3g carb 14.6g prot
1 cup corn 133.3 cal 2.0g fat 28.0g carb 2.6g prot
dinner total 619.9 cal 23.3g fat 68.3g carb 43.2g p

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/7/09 total

1154 cal 13.3 fat 146.4 carb. 120.6 prot.

1/7/09 dinner

16oz of Chicken stir fry ------------- 394cal 5.3 fat 62.4 carb 25.6 prot.

1/7/09 lunch

2 Protein Shakes--------210cal 3.5g fat 4.0g carb 52g prot.

1/7/09 breakfast

3 tbsp half&half------------60 cal 0.0g Fat 9g carb 3g prot.
3 kaiser rolls--------------330 cal 4.5g Fat 63g carb 0g prot.
4 slices of turkey---------- 80 cal 0.0g Fat 0g carb 20g prot.
4 slices of fat free cheese---80 cal 0.0g Fat 8g carb 20g prot.
breakfast total------------ 550 cal 4.5g Fat 80g carb 43g prot.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1/6/09 total

1154 cal 19g fat 112g carb 134 g prot.